Another sabbatical please. Thank you.

by Kristin Morrison on October 2, 2012

in Listening for Guidance,Rest,Travel

I’m ready for my second third sabbatical.

I think once-a-year L-O-N-G sabbaticals, just like traveling after high school, should be mandatory. At least 2 months off. No working. What do you think? Sounds good, doesn’t it? If you’ve ever done the sabbatical thing you know it takes about a month just to get used to a slower pace…

Today has been a blissfully slow workday (feels like first time in years months that it’s been slow). Because there is an unusual abundance of unstructured time today I’m finding myself day dreaming about being in Thailand, Mongolia, Bali.

Well, all of the above really.

I also have fantasies about being blindfolded (no, this isn’t that kind of blog) with a dart in my hand and a map on the wall in front of me and letting that dart throw pick my next destination.

But alas, no maps in this girl’s house (no darts either which is probably a good thing).

But I’m mapping out my next trip in my head.

More shall be revealed…







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