by Kristin Morrison on May 24, 2012

in Creativity,Life as a Grand Adventure,Saying Yes

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been taking a loooong break from writing in this blog.

Work projects are taking front and center stage these days and my next book is due out next week. Woo!~


This is one of the reasons I haven’t been doing personal blogging…

My book copy should arrive tomorrow by US mail into my hot little hands. Yeah, baby!


It’s so exciting to bring something (this book) that’s been virtual for months (lots of editing emails back and forth with my editor) into tangible fruition (a book I can actually hold, see, and feel).

It makes the endless days and nights spent working on the book so very rewarding.

There is such a rich experience of creativity in my businesses and in my life these days. Ideas are coming to me and I’m receiving the help I need to implement these ideas into the world.

I’m having a great time and hope you are too!


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